Celebrating the milestones on your golf journey

Golf is about a whole lot more than playing in the big league. We are interested in what happens outside of the inner circle: People starting out on the course with a club or two out of their dad's garage, the happy smile on a kid's face when she hits the ball for the first time... and it flies! A long-standing member who breaks 80... or a Ladies Clinic having fun and improving their golf.

It's all about the journey, and we want to hear about it! 

Chris Nel battled with his iron play and couldn't find consistency in his strikes. This was due to his over-swing, which resulted in him finding himself in a very high position at the top of his ... See more
Congratulations to last week Saturday's Cleveland Wedge Clinic Competition winner, Krugel Oberholzer!

Piet Steyn's game is swinging in the right direction

Biggest Obstacle: Consistency with his swing

Piet was struggling to find a consistent swing, due to the fact that he was bending his left arm in the backswing, which caused him to ...
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David's short game is now stronger than ever

Biggest obstacle: bunker play

David was struggling to get the ball consistently out of greenside bunkers.

The only thing that was holding him back, was his set-up. He was standing ...
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LW Nel's game is in full swing

Biggest Obstacle: Consistent ball striking

LW was struggling with getting consistent contact on the ball, due to the fact that he was overswinging. His right elbow was too high at the top ...
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Stephan De Jongh tees it high to let it fly

Stephan was struggling to get the ball up into the air – hitting low and left shots – with his longer clubs and metal woods. He had a strong grip that made it really difficult for him to align the ... See more

Jay Koudstaal irons out his game!

Jay was struggling with his irons, striking them inconsistently and mainly resulting in fat shots (hitting the ground first behind the ball).

The problem he was facing was that he getting ...
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Christian Hoffman improves his short game

Christian was really struggling to get the ball out of the bunker. Before the lesson he was coming up too steep into the ball and causing his sand wedge to dig too deep into the sand. This obviously ... See more

Dr. Ilse De Beil improved her golf swing!

A massive improvement this week for Dr. De Beil with her golf swing!

The biggest change came in by teaching her the correct shoulder turn. This improved her spine angle in her backswing, ...
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